About Us Why Christian Education?

On average, a student will spend between 15,000 – 18,000 hours in school from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  That is an enormous amount of time.  While the number of hours spent in education are enormous, the decision regarding where your child will be educated is just as monumental.  Who will shape your child?  To what type of influences will they be exposed? What perception of God will be presented?  Choosing the best academic environment for your child is a heavy responsibility. We are convinced that quality education offered within the framework of a Christian school is the most important avenue of preparing our youth for their future in choice of career and a successful life.

Why Christian Education? Why does a Christian environment matter so much?

Our values, beliefs, and life experiences have given us our perspective and understanding of the world around us; however a biblical worldview is based on the truth of the Bible and is essential as we examine, interpret, and filter the world around us. Christian mentors, teachers, and coaches weave biblical values into every facet of the school.  Incorporating biblical values does not simply mean teaching from the Christian perspective; it means endeavoring to mirror the Person of Christ in every aspect of our life.  We believe a school should be instrumental in equipping children to understand the truth about our world, about life, and what God expects us to do in it.

Why Christian Education? What about all the Christians who have gone to public schools and turned out just fine?

There is not denial that there have been Christians who have gone to public schools in our nation and have done fine.  Perhaps a better question to ask is, “Do I want the permissive culture of today’s public schools for my child?”  The disparity between a public school and a Christian school is not in the quality of its staff or the background of the student body, but in the foundation and focus of its education.  School environment is tremendously influenced by these two facets of education.  Christian schools like Granite focus on Godly, committed Christian staff who love and mentor the students within the boundaries of the Bible.  Students absorb these values not only from the teaching in the classroom, but also from the Godly examples and counseling opportunities that are encountered each day.

Why Christian Education? Aren’t parents given the task to teach their children a biblical worldview?

Replacing the role of the parent is not the purpose of the Christian school.  Becoming a partner with the parent to help guide the students is the focus of a Christian school like Granite.  There is so much adversarial content in our world today that is working against everything Christian parents are striving to teach as they raise their children.  Parents, who enroll their children in the Christian school, widen their effective, positive influence by creating an environment surrounding their child with positive adult influence.  This partnership of Christian schools and Christian parents will impact their child for their entire lives.

Why Christian Education? What can I expect from my child during their educational career at Granite?

Our focus at Granite is on excellence in academics, preparation for positive interaction in society, and Christ-like lifestyle in all areas of life.  In order to accomplish this, we encourage our students to gain mastery in each area.  Our teachers strive to provide all the necessary tools for each student to be successful and desire to take each student to a higher level of achievement each year.  Our school goal is to have each student score consistently higher on our annual achievement test than the state and local averages.  All our students attend a two-year or four-year college program of some type upon graduation.

Why Christian Education? Private Christian School is expensive! How do we afford it?

Granite is in an economically diverse area. Our student body reflects this diversity. The parents of our students make lifestyle choices to secure a Christian education for their children.  These sacrifices may be inconvenient in the short term, but they yield exponential positive results in the lives of their children.  What better investment could we make in the future of our children and our families than to provide them with a tremendous foundation of success for them to build on?