About Us Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, GCA is not currently accredited by either the state or any independent accrediting bodies.  For reasons of principle, we will not seek accreditation by the state at any point.  We are weighing out the potential benefits of seeking accreditation by the American Association of Christian Schools, of which we are a member in good standing.  We are also members of ODACS, the Old Dominion Association of Church Schools.  Our outstanding faculty does a magnificent job of preparing our students for entrance into college life.  GCA has graduates that have been accepted at accredited colleges and universities such as Pensacola Christian College, the University of Tennessee, Liberty University and Virginia Tech.

A: GCA uses ABeka, the largest Christian textbook company in the world, produced by Pensacola Christian College. We also use ancillary materials and activities when appropriate.

A: Yes, GCA does utilize a dress code.  Students are required to wear colors and styles that conform to the dress code as outlined in our Parent Handbook.  These items can be easily purchased at local retailers at a minimum expense.

A: The tuition and fee schedule for the coming academic year is included in this packet.  It is difficult to make a comparison to other schools in the area for a host of reasons.  Schools operate using different curricula and approaches to learning.  This may require more or less teachers and/or supervisors.  Facilities may be larger or smaller and require varying expense to control climate, provide water, etc.  Tuition rates change constantly to accommodate for fluctuations in the local economy, operational costs and student body size and needs.  That being said, GCA has maintained the same tuition rate for the last several years and is generally lower in cost than other comparable schools in the area.

A: Though we are working on potential scholarship opportunities in the future, we regret that there is currently not any mechanism for financial aid available.

A: GCA participates in a number of extracurricular opportunities.  We are a part of the Old Dominion Association of Church Schools (ODACS) and participate in their Athletic and Fine Arts programs each year. Our Athletic programs include:

  • Archery (1st-12th grade)
  • Men’s Varsity Basketball (6th-12th grade)
  • Ladies Varsity Basketball (6th-12th grade)
  • Chess (1st-12th grade)
  • Bible Quiz Team (4th-12th grade)
  • Fine Arts (3rd-12th grade)

A: Once you have obtained an information packet, complete and return the enclosed application and schedule an appointment to meet with the Principal.  During this meeting, he will further explain our entrance requirements, policies, fees, testing and required documentation.